Superfood Plus

Superfood Plus


Dr. Schulze’s

“I designed SuperFood Plus to be a rapid-assimilation, rapid deployment, nutrient saturated, plant-based vitamin and mineral BLAST!

I had many patients who, because of their broken-down and diseased bodies, couldn’t digest and utilize the nutrition in their foods, their medical doctors’ pills or even their injections.  They were dying because they had run out of blood and cell-building nutrition.  SuperFood Plus mixed with fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juice succeeded where everything else failed.  It was able to get nutrition into their anemic blood, and into their cells and organs.  Soon after, I started prescribing it to my patients who were not as ill, and even to my healthy patients.  Everybody saw a remarkable increase in their energy level, as well as their vitality and their general level of health, not to mention their skin, hair, nails, and the way they looked.  I then prescribed SuperFood Plus for the old, the young, the sick and the healthy, to all of my patients, and even to all of their pets.  The results were nothing short of life-changing.”

The Health and Medical Benefits of SuperFood Plus…

Blast your food with vitamins, minerals and powerful nutrition!

Saturates your blood with many powerful nutritional complexes that are not in other vitamins and man-made nutritional formulas!

Protects and defends all of your body’s cells from free-radical damage!

Stimulates the immune system and boosts immune function!

Regenerates your red blood cells, building powerful iron and nutrient-rich blood!

Has twice the PROTEIN of Grade-A beef–40% protein by volume!

This zero-fat formula will give you quick energy… with over 555% of your ENERGY Vitamin-B12!

And, it taste great!


‘In his three decades of clinical practice, Dr. Schulze made sure that every patient on their very first visit, no matter what was wrong with them, no matter how sick or well they were, no matter what disease, illness or complaint, no matter how old or how young they were, all left his clinic with a jar of SuperFood.

A lack of nutrition causes a dramatic increase in all diseases, from cancer and diabetes to nervous system breakdowns, circulatory system shutdowns and immune system meltdowns.’

“SuperFood Plus is my antidote for modern life.  It is a balanced formulation of the most easy-to-assimilate, nutrient-dense micro-plants, herbs and foods on the planet.  Junk food is just that: junk, and heating any food kills the nutrition.  Add stress, anxiety, a lack of exercise and a lack of sleep and now you have a recipe for disaster, a health disaster.”

Testimonials: “Your SuperFood Plus has given me such a boost–I’ve lost 15 pounds already!”— C.L.

“I can play with my kids and I am not the tired father I used to be, thanks to SuperFood Plus!” —B.G.

“I don’t crave candy bars anymore (my favorite food).  I feel good using SuperFood Plus!”—W.E.

“I feel that I am more mentally alert.  It makes a HUGE difference!” –C.W.

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