Remedies or Tips for a Strong Healthy Stomach

Remedies or Tips for a Strong Healthy Stomach


  • Start the day with some warm lemon water.  16-32 oz warm water with the juice of two lemons.


  • Eat at regular hours.  Three meals a day for normal persons, for many persons two are even better.


  • Space meals five to six hours apart.  Never eat between meals.  If before the work is done, more food is pushed upon it


  • Fermentation, gas, poor digestion and sour stomach often result.


  • Drink water ideally one hour before meal or two hours after.  Drinking with meals dilutes the digestive enzymes and creates havoc with the job. This is also one reason for poor digestion, fermentation and intestinal problems.


  • Don’t combine raw fruits and raw vegetables in the same meal:  They need different enzyme combinations.  Otherwise digestion is impaired and a lot of toxins are generated.  Avoid more than two or three dishes in the same meal.  Often there is war in the stomach from many combinations.  Then one suffers awfully and produces gas and toxins.


  • A stomach’s bitterest enemies are the following: white sugar (which pass along undigested to the small intestines after considerably irritating the delicate lining), grease, (raw olive oil on foods is okay), black pepper, rich cakes, pastry, and highly seasoned food, animal products, mustard, vinegar (it destroys red blood corpuscles, and destroys the good intestinal flora in the gut due to its acid content, all vinegar, including apple cider vinegar) and other hot spicy condiments.  They greatly inflame and weaken the delicate membranes.


  • Garlic, onions, caraway, anise, thyme, ginger, capsicum (cayenne) help digestion. Raw salads make digestion easier.  Lemon juice and garlic in combination assist digestion wonderfully.  Use them liberally, alone or combined.


  • Leave the dangerous commercial antacids alone.  They are loaded with harmful aluminium.  For indigestion use 1-3 tablespoons of charcoal (when it is activated it is even better), or use any of the good stomach herbs mentioned earlier.


  • Finally, never eat if very anxious, hurried, scared or tired or stressed out.  The food only ferments.  The stomach works very closely with the brain and endocrine system.  For a clear brain it must be treated well.


In Summary.  When the stomach is miserable, it affects the whole body and your mood is likewise affected.  Eat heavier meals earlier in the day.  The evening meals should be light.  Heavy evening meals often cause nightmares and are dangerous to health.  Eat in a relaxed friendly atmosphere and digestion is better.  Treat your stomach well and it will be your willing, faithful servant forever.

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