Abstemiousness (Temperance)

Let your moderation be known onto all men.  The Lord is at hand. Philippians 4:5. 


It is all about balance.  True temperance teaches total abstinence of that which is harmful and moderate use of that which is good. 

Your day-to-day activities can affect your health, in that; your job may be too stressful and prevent you from complying with the eight laws of health.  Note too, that your past practices can influence your current health issues.  The choices you made six to twelve months ago would have a definite impact on your present health today either for better or worse.  E.g. a night shift worker in the may now needs to have lots of sunlight to regulate his sleeping pattern or correct bone related issues or diabetes.

The body needs to rest.  Overwork can break down the immune system.  Some make themselves sick by overwork.   F or these, rest, freedom from care, and a spare diet are essential to restoration of health.

Effects of overeating

“Indulgence in eating too frequently, and in too large quantities, overtaxes the digestive organs, and produces a feverish state of the system.  The blood becomes impure, and then diseases of various kinds occur.”

The stomach and the brain are closely connected.  Leptin is the hormone that releases fat cells in your body while you are eating which sends a powerful message to your brain saying, “Stop eating, you’re full now!”  Erratic fluctuations of leptin (and the hormone ghrelin which makes you feel hungry) complicate your ability to lose weight and triggers intense hunger.  Studies show that production of both leptin and ghrelin maybe influenced by how much or how little we sleep.

The work of digesting an excessive amount of food taxes the stomach and makes it feverish.

The brain nerve energy is benumbed and almost paralyzed by overeating.

Overeating. Even of the simplest food, benumbs the sensitive nerves of the brain, and weakens its vitality.

Abstemiousness in diet and control of the passions will preserve the intellect and give mental and moral vigour, enabling men to bring all their propensities under the control of the higher powers, and to discern between right and wrong, the sacred and the common.

Dress and health goes hand- in- hand

Our dress should be:

  • Modest and healthy
  • Inexpensive
  • Provide warmth and proper circulation
  • Chosen for durability rather than display

The Lord provided the face with an immense circulation, because it must be exposed.  He provided, also, large veins and nerves for the limbs and feet, to contain a large amount of the current of human life, that the limbs might be uniformly warm as the body.  They should be so thoroughly clothed as to induce the blood to the extremities.

Our body is precious.  Special care should be taken about what we put in and on our body.  We should seek to protect and preserve our health rather than break it down.

So where did we get the style of sleeveless tops and dresses of short clothes?  Satan invented the fashions, which leave the limbs exposed, chilling back the life current from its original course.

We should intelligently select each article of clothing to insure that it is a healthful choice.

Guidance given in the book Ministry of Healing suggests:

In order to secure the most healthful clothing, the needs of every part of the body must be carefully studied. The character of the climate, the surroundings, and the condition of health, the age, and the occupation must all be considered. Every article of dress should fit easily, obstructing neither the circulation of the blood nor a free, full, natural respiration. Everything worn should be so loose that when the arms are raised the clothing will be corresponding lifted.

Dressing healthfully also include not wearing tight pants which heats up the genital area and can cause low sperm count in males and infections in females. The testicles and the breast are two organs that hang from the body and are naturally cooler. Heating the breast as in the wearing of padded bras makes them warmer and this is one of the causes of breast cancer.

How we dress can affect and tell of our morals. Modesty in dress is important for both male and female to improve mental and physical health. To maintain modesty, avoid:

  • Necklines that are cut too low;
  • Showing of the armpits;
  • Tight-fitting skirts;
  • Slits that are too long;
  • Skirts or dresses that is too short;
  • Wearing tight-fitting shirts by women and men; and
  • Tight belts should not be tight as it restricts the lungs and intestines from doing its work freely.

We are stewards of our time and are accountable to God for every thought word or deed. It would be wise to manage our time, so that time spent in leisure activities is not spent in frivolous time-consuming activities compared to the time spent with God and productive occupation.

Reading novels, science fiction, pornography, fashion magazines, and computer games, can be un-healthful in the following ways:

  • Scenes of unbecoming nature are replayed over and over again in the mind.
  • It destroys interest in the Bible.
  • Passion is aroused and the end can be sin.
  • It can lead to self-abuse or masturbation and cause zinc deficiency, which can lead to blindness or prostate affliction.

Guidelines for reading material

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

Neither is the old proverb questioned, “a man is known by the company he keeps.” But evil communication with books, no less than with men, corrupts good manners. And the sentiment is worthy of passing into a proverb, that a man is known by the books he reads. Books are men. Not paper men, but men on paper. And these influence the character of their readers as do men in the flesh the character of their companions. Show me a man’s book, the books of his choice, and I will show you the man himself. Let me control the reading of a rising generation, and I will prophesy. A bad book is a bad associate; a good book, a good one. Sensual books tend strongly to make sensual readers.

Their corrupt habits of self-abuse masturbation have debased their minds, and tainted their souls. Vile thoughts, novel reading, low books, and love-stories, excite the imagination, and just suit their depraved minds.


The wearing of nail polish

  • Nail polish is made of various chemicals, such as phthalates, which are endocrine disruptors. Exposure to this chemical can lead to damaged kidneys and lungs, early breast development (which, in turn, is associate with increased risk for breast cancer), as well as reproductive problems.
  • Nails are extensions of the skin and they are porous, therefore, whatever chemicals you put on them will be absorbed into the body.
  • They speak health to us as certain colorations or markings can indicate deficiencies. For example, a white spot on the nail is an indicator of lack of zinc while brittle nails indicate deficiency in calcium. Therefore, keep your nails free from hardeners or polishers so you can monitor your health.



  • The head has a high absorption rate. If you lack nutrients, such as, protein, the body pulls from the hair. In this way it can absorb chemicals, which may be applied to the hair or scalp.
  • Hair dyes and chemicals can be absorbed into the scalp. The darker the hair dye color, the greater the detrimental effect from its use.
  • Wigs prevent the scalp from breathing. It causes excess heat to the head and can cause the hair to become thin.
  • Science allows us to take even one grain of hair and by careful testing be able to analyze and determine a person’s health deficiency or disease. Therefore, keeping our hair natural and healthy.
  • Those who use natural hair weaves or wigs expose themselves to contracting sickness and disease. If a person is sick and sells her hair, the one who buys and use the wig or weave can contract the same sickness from the owner. In the past, Leprosy was contracted by persons who bought wigs made from hair coming from a leprous person.


Tattoo markings on the body

The Lord has instructed that… “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD”.

  • The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is porous and will therefore absorb any substance put on it.
  • In tattooing, the skin will absorb whatever is in the ink.
  • Did you know that if you pierce your ears or get a tattoo, it takes up to one year before you can give blood?
  • Just to show one side effect of tattooing, there is a mental effect from the piercing of Tattoos that would cause MRIs to give false readings.



  • Shoes must be of a low comfortable heel that is off the floor by at least one inch with a good arch to support the body.
  • Shoes should have a rounded front that matches the shape of your foot.
  • High heels affect the ligaments in the calves, making them shorter and so the calves actually stretch and pains when the individual is not wearing heel.
  • It is designed to cause you to tilt forward and the butt pushed out causing a curvature to the spine.
  • High heels tilt the womb, which makes it difficult to have children.
  • It affects circulation and puts pressure on the knees.


Competitive activities

It would be wise to avoid competitive activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the following reasons:

  • Physical- it can elevate the blood pressure. Persons who tested their blood pressure before, during and after a competitive game, whether they played or watched, saw an increase in their blood pressure.
  • Mental- we do not play to lose but to win, in this case, one thinks to be higher or better than the other.
  • Spiritual- it is not godlike when persons want to esteem themselves better than others or the behaviours do not match that of a child of God.

To lead a more temperate life, avoid the use of:

  • Tobacco, insecticides, automobile fumes
  • Alcohol, toxic drugs
  • Caffeine (cola drinks gradually melt your teeth)
  • Sugar foods
  • Greasy foods
  • Meat/flesh animals and animal products
  • Harmful condiments and spices
  • Worry or anxiety
  • Inappropriate clothing

To lead a more balanced life:

  • Maintain balance of rest and exercise
  • Have a regular daily routine
  • Eat at set meal times
  • Dress healthfully (dress, shoes)
  • Care for your body (no nail polish, tattoo, hair dyes, etc)
  • Relax
  • Listen to heavenly music

In summary:

Give some careful attention to what you do and eat so that you have adequate balance to live a healthy life.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Philippians 4:8.

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